Since the early 1970s, Mick Joffe's passion has been to caricature and record endangered characters of Australia, and the world. As of 2015, the majority of these interviews exist only in manuscript form. Below is a near-complete list of these interviews, some with a brief blurb.

If you see the name of a relative or a person of interest, a copy of the manuscript may be made available.
Mick is also available to come out on request and interview a person of your choice.

Contact Mick now on 0410 653 191.

Name (sort by first)
Air Vice Marshall Anthony CaillarHead of RAF intelligence. Flew with Atom bomb test Christmas Island 1957
Alaistair TempletonThe sinking of the Sydney by Alaistair, the last survivor in the world from Sydney and world authority. 70 years of research.
Alan Andrews
Alan BuxtonIn Dam Busters squadron. Syrian campaign. Dropping Tall Boy, the Atom Bomb.
Alan GrosvenorKingsford Smith Airport. Building Beaufort aircraft. Chullora railway workshops, Building mosquito bombers at Delta Villands and Hurricanes. Spitfires, Mustangs, Thunderbolt Hawkes,, Beau fighters
Alan GrosvenorWWII aircraft engineering
Alan MooreKokoda track veteran. Captain and Tast Officer of the 39t Battalion
Alan Brimms On Hornsby (Gunsmoke)
Alan Buckingham
Alan Carter
Alan Keeling Witness to Aboriginal Cannibalism
Alan Reid
Albert Butler Galston General Store. Over harbour bridge in horse and cart
Albie Cavener Bullocky from Dorrigo
Alec CostinChief Biologist on the Snowy
Alec CostinBiology's on the Snowy Mountains
Alec Green Hornsby and Wahroonga
Alec Wall Yepoon Wooden Leg Pilot
Alex Cheetham Japanese Atrocities WW2
Alex Greig Ned Kelly Hearsay
Alex Griffiths Currumbin Bird Sanctuary
Alex Ritchie
Alf GammonSteam train driver
Alf Casey Arm torn off by pet crocodile
Alf Najar
Alf Talc
Alic BaconDam builder
Alice ShinglesBushy
Alice SturgeonPioneer woman
Alice Maslen
Alice McG
Allan Adams Builder of Oberon's Dam
Allan Badger Pearl Diver Broome
Allan Blunt Shearing
Allan Dennison Witness the last Japanese plane shot down over Australia
Allan "Magoo" Priddle
Alma McGurk Mt Isa History
Anastacia Vaughan
Andrew Carrol
Andrew Carrol
Andrew Fox
Andrew Lear
Andrew McCarthur
Andrew Wellings
Andy Connon
Andy McClean
Angel John Gallard
Angela Bennett
Ani LewisHow Bowen therapy works on newborn babies plus pg 55-59 on NLP and how to live life
Ann Randell Remembers the Emden
Anne MurphyRiding over the Snowy Mountains 1948
Anne Dickson
Anne-Marie Elliott
Annette Wollaston
Anthony CaillardOne time Head of British Intelligence and pilot of observer plane at dropping of Atom bomb off Christmas Island.
Antony Simpson
Arcacia RoseActivist on the Snowy Hydro
Arn "Pop" Rodgers Pioneer Racing Identity
Arnold PepperThe occupation of Japan. Fighting the North Koreans and Chinese. Blown up and air lifted to Mash Unit. Battle of Kapyong.
Arnold O'Brien Lithgow Coalminer
Art Creasy Showman with guns, daggers & whips
Arthur ArmstrongFarming at Harvey River. Beekeeping, forge work, plumbing, Armstrong history, power monkey, finding
Arthur BealWWII radio operator. Solomon Islands, escape from Talaga
Arthur Bussitin
Arthur Walton Longreach History?
Aub Gillespie
Aub Smith
Aubrey Saunders Longreach History?
Audrey Tomlinson World War 2 Nurse
Augustine Dom
"Aussie" Osborne
Avy Curly
Baked Bean Bertie LoveridgeQantas from 1938. Flying in New Guinea. Cannibals. Fire Brigade from 1953.
Barbara BallChannelling wisdom from Aknatun and White Buffalo Calf woman
Barbara HodgeThe Blitz in London
Bardius Goldberg
Barry TuffyOn caning kids in schools
Barry Bullivant Granville train disaster. Indoctrination of Korean war soldiers
Barry Pearce Hornsby and Cec Newland
Barry and Jenny Davidson
Bass HainesMilne Bay. Witness to the "Chokos". Labuan, contrast between McCarthur and Mountbatten. Gary Cooper entertaining at Lae.
Beatie Wilcox Oberon Pea-Picking
Ben EggletonBush poet
Ben Esgate
Ben Esgate Brother's Walk Broome to Sydney 1929
Bert EarnshawTank 'commander' at El Alemain
Bert KnowlesBattle of Britain
Bert Bolton Legendary Outback Tour Operator
Bert Hogan Oberon History
Bert Phillips Limbless Soldier WW2
Beryl KennedyShow girl on a British Convoy
Beryl ReevesAge 85. The 1st employee of the Snowy Mountains scheme. The very beginnings of the politics of creating the scheme. The opening ceremony in Cooma. The Coronation of Queen Elizabeth.
Beryl Payne Bombing of Newcastle
Beryl Timewell New Guinea Head Hunters
Bessie Stilwell Oberon
Betty AndersonDoctor of Nursing
Betty DavisAge 94
Betty Osborne
Beverley Anne Aboriginal Elder
Big Bird Huddleston
Bill BradleyPolio victim from Iron Lung to Gold Medal winner. 20 years a lift driver at McDowalls. Handicapped bowls. Mini harness racing.
Bill BurkeFarming at Bungaree. The bombing of Newcastle and how the predictors worked. The forerunners of computers used to calibrate the anti-aircraft guns defending the bombing of Port Moresby. Battle of Bismark. Salvation Army in action. 60 killed in Markum Valley Liberator and truck crash. Japanese prisoners off Kokoda track.
Bill DawsonAge 94. Calvary. Syrian campaign. How Roden Cutler won the VC. Milne Bay Balikpapan
Bill KingNSW Fire and Rescue
Bill RushtonTrout fishing
Bill Baldy
Bill Barnes Pioneer radio personality & famous bailiff
Bill Carty Australia's oldest newsreel cameraman, WWII, McCarthur, Damien Parner, Tojo, War Crime trials
Bill Clarke Broke Japanese Morse Code
Bill English on Hairtail
Bill Fegans Jockey
Bill Fleming WW2 Merchant Navy - Sunk D-Day
Bill Harney Aboriginal Elder of Katherine
Bill Hayes Galston History
Bill Hogan History of Yunta SA
Bill Hookway Seaworld History
Bill Joiner Outback Bulldozer Driver
Bill Jollie Kokoda Track
Bill Kennedy Steam Train Driver Flinders Ranges
Bill McCall Wounded and Took 2,000 Prisoners Bardia - Witness to Lidice Massacre. POW with Douglas Bad.
Bill McCarthy
Bill Reid Pearling Master
Bill Rosier Chaplain in Vietnam
Bill Smith On Aub Laidlaw Lifesaver
Bill Spellman
Bill Taylor NT Mounted Policeman, Petrov Affair
Bill White WW2 Limbless Soldier
Bill Windolf Bombing of Darwin
Bill Withers Berowra
Bill Withers
Bill and Lean Wallace WW2 Submariner and Catalina Pilot
Billy PowellFire Investigation Unit
Bob DobsonFire Brigade Protocol Officer. Fire Brigade Centennial Paintings, ANZAC marches. Moral, ethos. "The Fireman's Carry". Firemanship. The Navy tradition.
Bob GouttmanSpiritualism in the job. Luna Park Ghost Train fire. Post traumatic disorder.
Bob McMawAged 106. Hawkesbury Agricultural College. Boer War history. Memories of Queen Victoria.
Bob StaffordSoldier settlement in Wheat Belt depression. Society values in the 30's. Shearing, droving, witnessing a snake digging a hole.
Bob TolliTunneler
Bob Black Arcadia History
Bob Bredle
Bob Britcher
Bob Bryant Witness to WW1 Zeppelin Inferno - Boer War
Bob Burgess Stone Cutter Arcadia
Bob Carson Horderns - Jack Lang - Roy Rene - Criminals
Bob Doherty
Bob Henderson Berowra
Bob Leech
Bob McCaw
Bob McMillan
Bob Nelson
Bob Noble Rough Broome Character
Bob Patten WW2 Bomb Aimer - Arcadia History
Bob Petersen NT Policeman
Bob Sargeant
Bob Steel Fisherman - Aboriginal History
Bob Taylor Ant Scientist
Bob Tomarchin Legendary Animal Trainer
Bob Webb Hondo Grattan Famous Racehorse
Bobby Buchanan Droving
Bobby Buchanan In Footsteps of Bluey Buchanan
Bonnie CalmanAge 87. Family Band "The Dashing Dandies". Being "The Berley Girl". Avalon history. Paddington history. Life philosophy.
Brendan Day
Brian HeffernanNSW Fire and Rescue
Brian MurphyBuilding sidecar for the police and NRMA and Jam trailer campers
Brian SaundersBush childhood in Blacktown
Brian Boyce
Brian "Buzzer" Bitter
Brian Hodges On pan service
Brian McGaffin
Brian Nemeth Whipmaker
Brian Small Korean War
Brian Teichelman
Brian Uncle
Bridleack Talbingo Pioneer
Broni Lesue
Bruce CowanNSW Fire and Rescue
Bruce HoadHistory of Yarrangobilly Caves
Bruce Aikman WWII on top of St Pauls Cathedral flying Ansons with carrier pigeons
Bruce Cliff The Bush Church Aid Society
Bruce Cowan
Bruce Heathcote
Bruce Hodges
Bruce Mocatta On the first Jewish Settler in QLD
Bruce White On Katherine Flood
Bruce and Dot Breen Artificial leg like Bader
Brutal Headland
Bryn Bowam "Bowam Bryn by David Mortimer"
Buff RogersDroving and brumby catching, Black Mountains
Butch CalderwoodCameraman who filmed Prince Philllip swearing and covered the moon landing
Byrtle Boate93 year old tennis player
Carl PowerSnowy Mountains History. Droving from age 10 from the Monaro Characters of the Snowy - Bush Humour
Carlos HenryConspicuous Bravery Incident
Caryl Turnidge Galston History
Cassa Birks Billy Hughes
Catherine CaseyChannelling wisdom from Mother Mary
Cec Clark The Picture Show Man
Cecil AitchisonBerridale history
Charlee Marshall Bush Poet
Charles Hill 95 Yr Old Undertaker Quorn SA
Charles Sara Anaesthetist
Charlie Johnes
Charlie RobersonWII digger
Charlie StanmoreFencing, Olympic Games, Marcel Marceau
Charlie Manse WW1 Digger
Charlie Mathes Thorpe McCorvills???
Charlie Salvestro
Charlie Westaberg
Charmayne Linklater
Chi Chi Murray Yepoon Healer
Chick Tosic Pioneer of Oberon Engineering
Chris SykesFire and Rescue. The Jannali bushfires. The Boxing Day Tsunami. Christchurch earthquake.
Chris Hollis
Chris Watts
Chris "Yogi" JurgeitNSW Fire Brigade
Christina Johnston
Christine De StoopDural Artist
Clare Edwards Mattaranka
Clarrie ShawOn the Melbourne when collided with the Voyager
Claude Brien At 91, Oberon's Oldest Man Still Farming
Cliff Harris Grocer Auburn History, Cliff Harris Band
Cliff Young
Clive Johnson Ist TV
Clive Leek
Clive Roughley Dural History
Clive Trevan Cowra Breakout WW2
Clyde BlencoeJapanese POW in Changi and worked on Burma Railway
Col AndersonNavy in the Korean War
Col FraserGrazier
Col & Marnce MyersPioneers of Mt Selwyn ski field
Col Best Vietnam Navy
Col Graham Police and Hilton Bombing
Col Symes Old Mounted Policeman
Colin HoadHistory of Yarrangobilly Caves
Colin MouldPig farmer
Colin O'FlynnOn the Voyager when it was cut in half by Melbourne
Colin Brien Survivor of Japanese Beheading
Colin Jack-Hinton
Colin Lewis
Colin Pardoe
Colin Tapp
Colin Whalan Oberon - Jenolan Caves Discovery
Colleen Spellman
Colleen WestonHistory of Westons & Jindabyne etc
Colleen Clifford
Corbett Gore Builder of the Sydney Opera House
Craig MashmanCommander at Fire Brigade headquarters.
Craig Brennan
Cyril Welch
D'Arcy Doyle
DJ Mulvaney Anthropological Prehistory of Australia
Daisy Ardley History of Kellyville
Dame Elizabeth Murdock
Daniel Kojta
Danny BeardKorean war vet
Daphne Bullock Poetess
Darcey Baker Grafton Bushy
Darkie Hudson Shot Down Japaneze Zero in Darwin
Darky Wallace
Darren MooreBowlers Club fire
Dave ThomGreat Great Grandson of Henry Parkes. Plus history of Meccano.
Dave Blyde
Dave Gardner
Dave Lindner Legendary NT Ranger
Dave Stewart
David BellAged 92. Radar Operator on Hammond Island and Yule Island. The strategic importance of Hook Island.
David McPhieArm torn off by tractor
David MillerSurveyor on hydro electric power schemes
David Woodhouseon Woodhouse family history
David Darby Around Australia On a Bicycle 1950
David Farmer
David Gray
David Hollands
David Joffe
David Millikan
David Schultz
David Thomas Coral Sea Battle. Japanese midget sub history. Sale of the Zero to the Japanese. Dropping of USA bombs off Sydney
David Treadwell
Dawn Maynard
Denise Bell
Denise Robinson
Dennis RaynerNSW Fire and Rescue
Deryk Giblin 52 Bombing Missions as a Pathfinder
Des Rosenblat
Des Spittal
Di Cullen
Di Klima
Dick Kimber
Dick Young Coal Miner with Pit Ponies - Lithgow
Doc Howlett
Doc Kepper Vietnam Veteran
Don BlaxellRoyal Botanic Gardens history
Don CalderAge 84. The three generations of film makers in Australia. The filming of Melbourne Olympic Games. The Sputnik. The Australian film and sound equipment manufacturers and why we never made video recorders. Filming in PNG. Don's personal faith. Lauren and Hardy history.
Don RankinSinger
Don Wellsmore
Don Burrows Jazz Legend
Don Clark
Don Mackenzie Whale from Esperance
Don Marshall
Don Moy Kempsey Bus Crash
Don Sinclair WW2 Limbless Soldier
Don Wilson
Donald Stokes
Donald Wollaston
Dooley Pendergast
Doris Wilkinson Chinchilla Fossil hunter
Dot Dawson Founder of Carols by Candlelight
Doug GravolinFinding sunken Japanese Zero. 1969 sighting of Tasmanian tiger. 1969 UFO sighting
Doug VaughanSoldier settler
Doug Collins Outback Knockabout
Doug Hunt Maritime Character Salvage Fishing, Tourists
Doug Sutherland NT Knockabout, Making Film "Sundowners"
Doug Tanzer Funny Aboriginal Story
Douglas GerkeOn squadron Leader Charlie Scherf DFC DSO
Dr Bob EnglebrechtPopular Doctor during the Snowy Scheme
Dr Chester Wilson Charleville Doctor
Dr Lance Robey Oberon GP
Dr Martin Flood The Seven Year Dr Ban - Operation of Gough Whitlam
Dr Mustafa RashedWorld authority on the Koran. Muslim reformist.
Dudley Abbott
Dudley Piper
Dulcie and Lindsay Wilson
Earl Gano
Ed FinstenWitness to dingo taking a baby wombat
Eda Gossett
Eddie Quong
Edgar Penzig Bushranger Historian
Edgar Penzig Bushranger Historian
Edith PollickHungarian, forced labor camp.
Edith Broomfield
Edna Jessop Famous drover
Eian Thorley Vietnam Navy
Eileen Fitzer Oldest Territorian (Vol 2)
Eisleen White 100 Year Old for Calendar
Elaine CroakerThe pioneer of muscle testing as a modality of healing
Elba McCredie Berowra History
Eleanore Frances HarrisonOn her father Ernest William Staley Harrison, Gallipoli, Symons Carpets, 1st female surfer for Terrigal/Wamberal. Farming at Terrigal.
Elizabeth Sponar
Ellie Pacey
Ellis AitchisonCarrier and bushman
Elma WeekesOberon history looking back at 95
Elsie Biddle Glenorie and Canoelands History
Elvie Nunan Oberon Pioneer
Emily "Tookens" Lyons
Emily-Lyons Tookens
Ena Harris
Eric Abraham WW1 Age 103
Eric Jolliffe
Ernie BillettAge 75. Polio survivor
Ernie Huntington World War 2
Ethel Runkin
Ethyl Wright Mackeral Beach History
Eunice BaileyOberon history and on lie and virtues and family values
Eva Barra
Evelyn WebsterOn the naming of Newtown.
F.A. Blue Reiter
Fabio RossettiAge 86. Crime of Passion. Tailor to King of Sweden. Fighter for Mussolini (Balilla).
Father Bruce Wathen
Felix Venn BrownNamed the Liberal Party on the founding of the Liberal Party.
Flo ConstanceMould history. Trafalgar Naval Surgery
Flo Arnold Mt Isa History
Flo Boswell
Florence Curphey
Francis Frohlich CSIRO Pioneer & WW2 Apples
Frank DuffyHistory of the big trout adaminiby
Frank Prihoda
Frank RodwellSecurity Officer
Frank ThomasNSW Fire and Rescue
Frank Daniel
Frank Douglas Mt Isa History
Frank Fawcett Oberon Farmer
Frank Glaister
Frank Iffield Singing Legend
Frank Maynard Titanic History & Lance Skuthorp
Frank McCarthy
Frank McDonald Witness Japanese Sub Raised Sydney Harbour (Sydney Water Patrol)
Frank Murphy WW2 Navy. The Gargoyne. Invasions of Leyte Gulf. Lingayan Bay Invasion
Frank Olliff
Frank Pommy
Frank Redman WW1 Veteran
Frank Samuel Horse Farming
Fred BowmanAged 90. Royal Airforce. Assisting the resistance mouts with air drops. Dropping in spys etc "Special Operations Executive".
Fred Fletcher
Fred GibbonsOn fox hunting
Fred KauflineAged 93. Witness to the Southern Cloud crash. Bridge player all over NSW.
Fred PhillipsAge 91. Flew 64 bombing missions over Germany and France as a pathfinder.
Fred Costello Speared by Aboriginals
Fred Cowpe Spitfire Pilot - Shot Rommel's Car
Fred Gray
Fred Grover WW2 History
Fred Teague
G and C Fearweather Cowan
Gan Gruce
Garth Moorlan The Kangaroo Man
Gary Brophy
Gary Hamilton
Gary Johns Vietnam Infantry
Gary Tonkin Scrimshaw and Whaling History
Gavin McGregor
Gavin O'Brien
General Peter Cosgrove Winning MC in Vietnam
Geoff PowerBush humorist
Geoff Ackerman
Geoff Aslin
Geoff Britcher
Geoff Coote
Geoff MackCountry music singer and songwriter
Geoff Matthews
Geoff Scarrott Berowra Footprints
George RichardsAge 80. The Graem Thorne kidnapping. Eric Baume. Daily Telegraph. Frank Packer. Shirley Butler murder. Sydney Morning Herald. The Fairfax family. People Magazine. The kidnap attempt on Princess Anne. Column 8.
George Thompson
George WilsonKorean war veteran. Winning the Military Cross at the battle of the hook.
George Brachon Carnarvon Gorge Character
George Chaloupka
George Littlefield Fishing
George Turner
George Webb
George Williams Old baker, Glenhaven history, poultry and show judge
Gerard CannonNSW Fire Brigade
Gerda RohdeGerman industrialist
Germ Jerry
Gerry Blitner
Gerry Trayhurn WW2 Tempests - Strafing Trains Germany
Gerry and Patricia Adamson
Gilbert HaywoodOn windmills and the history of his Model T Ford.
Glad Kelly 100 Year Old for Calendar
Gladys Malouf Galston History
Gladys Rodgerson 100 Year old for Calendar
Glen Threlfro
Gordon BottomBushy, Fire Fighter
Gordon Brody97 year old. Doctor in army in Darwin during the bombing
Gordon CairnsKokoda track re-enforcement. Mortars - Liberty ships. Account of the 16th and 25 Brigades ferocious battles on Kokoda. The bravery of the Salvation Army.
Gordon CansdaleThe pioneer of Viscount Caravans.
Gordon DaviesKorean War, Kansas Line. Wyoming Line. Detailed description of trench warfare. What its like to have war psychosis. The uniqueness of the infantry man. How the big brass sabotage attempts to make peace with your enemy. The effect of my visit on a war vet.
Gordon WilloughbyWWII Balikpapan surrender
Gordon Andrews Designer of Decimal Currency
Gordon "Bubbles" RiceNSW Fire Brigade. S.O. at headquarters.
Gordon JohnstonAge 97. Droving cattle vegies by steamboat to Sydney. Hawkesbury history
Gordon Maguire
Gordon O'Connel
Gordon White
Graeme Fox Berowra
Graeme Gow Herpetologist NT
Graham Caldwell Galston Garbo
Graham Scully
Graham Walsh Antropologist - Kimberley Rock Art
Graham West
Greg Mullens
Greg Russell
Greta Jones
Gwen BowyerChannelling wisdom from Joseph
Gwen O'Sullivan Aboriginal Massacre & World War 1
Gwen "cookie" Pitt Cook on Outback Tours
Gwenna ThatcherBuilding on the Bhai Temple. German mine layers. Sneaking out of Sydney Harbour when war declared. The NES. Ambulance Drivers. Emile Mercer, James Gleeson. Dame Nellie Melba, Jack Davey show, Cinesound Films, Frank Hurley, Rev John Flynn. Skydiving at 90. Jimmy Sharman, Lloyd Reece, Marget Ollie, Winnifred Atwell, Smokey Dawson, Nancy Bird.
Gwyneth "Bubbles" Hoffman WW2 Nurse
H.R.H. Prince LeonardPrince of Hutt River Province
Hadley Smith
Hank Melchers Oberon History
Hans Albers
Hans Konefal
Happy WebbDrover
Harold Fletcher Antarctic Explorer with Mawson
Harry HillSnowy history. Banjo Patterson.
Harry SiegleBeat up intruder at age 93
Harry Butler
Harry Crocodile
Harry Dunn WW2 History
Harry Huddleston
Harry James Witness to Japanese Cannibalism
Harry Riley Dural Stone Fruit Farmer Poet
Harry Ryan Old Aboriginal of Katherine
Harry Siegle WW2 Commando & Berlin Olympics
Harry Thompson Port Macquarie Hermit
Hayden PriceOn the Death of Lord Nelson in the Battle of Trafalgar and his Ancestors Thomas and Francis Price and their part in the battle as father and son on the same ship.
Hazel Bird
Hazel Kyte Mt Isa History
Heather Mason
Helen Gordon-Smith
Helen Massey Beginning of TV
Helene Pretty
Helmuth Schmitt World War 2 German
Henrikas SliterisWitness to German mobile killing squads killing Jews.
Henry ComberAt 97. The last survivor of "The Great Escape".
Henry Day
Henry Farthing Mudgee Plumber and Undertaker
Henry Gordon Fyffe
Henry Gordon FyffeGordon
Henry Horne Mt Isa History
Henry Nebel Luftwaffe - Meeting Hitler
Henry Peckham Outback Aboriginal
Herb Cunnynghame Oberon
Herb Mould
Herbert Hordern Anthony Hordern History
Hilda McKenzieOn engineering on the Snowy
Hilda Evans Oberon's Oldest Person
Hilda Scanlon Scanlon Lollies Pioneer
History Joffe
Horace McKinnon Oberon History
Horrie YoungThe radio operator on the Kraite
Horrie YoungThe radio operator on the Kraite
Howard Young Berowra
Howard Young
Hubert McKinnon Oberon Councillor
Hugh Edwards Underwater Explorer
Hugh O'Donnell Oberon
Ian Arkely
Ian DeeganWWII digger
Ian LewisOn climate change
Ian Clarke
Ian Nowland WW2 WWII pilot on Baltimores delayed action bombs
Ida Harvey Oberon
Ira Sweet
Irma CaldwellHigh mountain huts
Isobel Evans 105 Yr Old Poetess
Isobel and Lindsay Greenaway Berowra
Ivars FreimanisSnowy Hydrographer
Ivor Paine Pioneer in live Cattle Export
Ivy McNally Longreach History?
Jack BashforthHistory of Brunswick and Mullumbimby. Witness to the Japan surrender ceremony at Weewak
Jack CaseyOccupation of Japan. Battle of Kapyong and to Mash Unit. Formation of the SAS. Prison warden at Long Bay then Pentridge when Ronald Ryan was hung.
Jack DayWireless operator on the Kokoda track
Jack EfratEscaped a concentration camp in a German uniform
Jack FeilerBorn while mum hiding in a stable in occupied Poland. His father strangled him but he lived and was dumped in a basket.
Jack GrayAge 98. Thirroul history. Life saving, BHP history, delivery by horse and cart.
Jack Lewis
Jack PendergastWWII New Guinea
Jack PollardWWII Navy 'Shropshire" and sinking of the Sydney and Corregidor
Jack StunnellShipwright then cane cutting etc and bird keeper
Jack Barton Guard of Japanese POW's Timor
Jack Bowers Around Australia by motor bike
Jack Campbell NSW Youngest Swaggie
Jack Chisholm
Jack Evans
Jack Gallagher WW2 - Pilot of Catalina that flew the 1st Japanese POWS from Changi to Rose Bay
Jack Goodwin
Jack Hempel
Jack Jones
Jack Lockett 108 Yrs Old - Australia's Oldest Man
Jack McHaffi
Jack McLeodResident of Glenorie, Witness to Japanese cannibalism.
Jack Neal
Jack Pyne
Jack Robinson Biscuit Bomber WW2
Jack Russell Nullabor Plains History
Jack Sue World War 2 Espionage
Jack Thompson
Jack Trimmingham POW Changi
Jack Whaler Davies
Jack Wood
Jackie Hargreaves Pioneer Barmaid Bachelor NT
Jacky TsarevichPackhorse surveyors assistant
Jacoub EsberThe difference between Christian Lebanese and Moslem Lebanese.
James CainMade the torpedo that sunk the Bismark.
James Egan
Jane Aboriginal Elder Mabo
Jane MurphyChannelling wisdom from Sanat Karmra
Jane Cosgrove Oberon History
Janet Forster
Jean Edgecombe
Jeanette Dunn
Jeff Sutton
Jessie Hurley At age 109
Jill Holsworth Mt Isa History
Jim ArroldRSL Man. Cooma history
Jim BousgasGreek "partisan" on death march and in Athens concentration camp
Jim FlynnHistory of the wrecking yard Cooma
Jim GilliesAge 88. Coastal artillery. How teams were made up for air crew. Dam Buster squadron shot down on 29th op. The Dresden bombing raid.
Jim HahnHenly history and plant operator in the Hills District
Jim MonkAge 78. On Polio and Brickworks in Alexandria.
Jim SmithNSW Fire and Rescue
Jim Booth Ab Fox Australia's Tallest Man
Jim Cotterill
Jim Edwards Crocodiles, Gelignite Jack & Eric Worrel
Jim House
Jim McCardle Treelopper Galston
Jim McConville Outback Shearer, Boxer, Drover & Soldier
Jim O'Rourke
Jim Russell
Jim Strang WW2 Limbless Soldier
Jim Tattersall Tobruk - Balikpapan
Jim Trappel Dural History - Machine Plant Operator
Jim and Julie Kells
Jimbo Robinson Witness to Coral Sea Battle
Jimmy Forskett
Jimmy Goland
Joan CaseyThe merits of olden day food and old values. Her impressions of Mick Joffees work.
Joan Rynne
Joan Sumner
Jock Epstein HMAS Canberra WW2
Jock Henderson
Joe DawsonKokoda track - 39th Battalion B Co. who 1st met the Japanese at the invasion beach for Kokoda
Joe Artery Oberon
Joe Baker Old Aboriginal of Katherine
Joe Mayne
John BarrowDescendent of Charles Dickens. A clown and performer and re-incarnation of him and an authority of t
John CaryKorean war
John ChristiansSlave lab owner for the Nazi in Holland. Concentration camp escape.
John Davis
John DeanHistory of Surrey Hills including criminal history his Grandfather Jack Groggin and the Labour Party. Him as the last tram conductor of North Sydney.
John DentManaged bomb factories during the war, Christian values
John DrydenSurvivor of a V1 flying bomb in London (graphic).
John EllolKing Farouk's head librarian for 20 years
John FrippPioneer skiing at the Snowy Mountains
John HumphriesCoal miner, mechanic and rude slang
John KingOn his father Norris King. His role at Dun Kirk, el Alemain, Administrator at Hamburg and liberator of Aushvitz and as Churchill's staff.
John MathaGround crew airforce, Korean war in Malaya with No 1 bomber squadron. The dominoe theory. 31 years a policeman 21 division. 5 years in Lightening Ridge. Saving people down cliffs.
John MillerAge 86. Australia's youngest WWII man. History of the Under 16's whom he foundered. War psychosis treatment. Sister Bullwinkle and Bill Moxham from Sandarkan.
John MossAge 93. Normandy landings. Was Captain of a gun boat.
John RobinsonAfrican Buffalo kills hunter, leopard attack and famous lion attack on Willy Brant
John RuddLeads high country trail rides
John WelshNSW Fire Brigade history and his father Deputy Chief Officer.
John & Shirley McCloughryFire Brigade since 1949. Katoomba fires. Marcus Clarke history.
John Allan Changi and Burma Railway - Dural History
John Bell Whaler and Pilot
John Davies
John Figeczki
John Hutton
John "JL" Liston Vietnam Veteran
John Labriola Leon Labriola Strongman and Wrestler
John Lever
John Linscott Burma Railway - Executions
John Lock
John Mayer Vichy French
John McCusker Pioneer of Oberon Tourism
John McEntee
John Norris Gallipoli Veteran
John Pitt WilshireAt 100 recalls meeting Banjo Patterson. Great detail on his family's life in Sydney from 1792 when they owned much of the CBD granted to them from Lord Nelson who's daughter married into the family (Lord Nelson wrote to Gov Bligh for the grants.)
John Ross Galston Vegetable Farmer
John Stoneman USA Underwater Cinematographer
John Thompson Vietnam Limbless Soldier
John Wakefield Lifetime of TV and Radio History
John Wamsley
John Watson
John and Betty Mutch Galston History
John and Elizabeth Millar On Berowra
John and Rose Christie Salvaging Japanese Ships and Planes
Johnny Lyons
Johnston Leath Oberon Poetess
Josie ClugstonAged 95. Telephonist at Adaminiby
Josie Zammit
Joyce Condon Broke Hill Artist
Joyce Green
Jozef TezukPack horse surveyor on the Snowy
Jude Lowe
Judge Athol Moffitt Convicting Japanese War Criminals
Judy Waters
Judy Caldwell Yanco Barmaid
Judy Robinson Outback Author and Historian
Julie Bray Chinese Massacre
June Dally-Watkins Queen of Deportment
June Smith WW2 VAD
June Tapp Outback Legendary Woman
Karl Heinz GrossGerman sailor. Last survivor off the Bismark.
Kate Lederthoug Galston History
Kath CunynghameOberon History
Kath FletcherOn swearing in the old days
Kathleen Harwood 98 Years in Castle Hill
Kathleen Lenthall Remembers Federation Ceremony 1
Kati Tremul
Keith ClarkeAmerican Civil War, Hawkesbury Bridge mined during war, farming.
Keith MontagueSnowy Electric Engineer
Keith Cornford Berowra
Keith Maynard HMAS Australia & Kamikazes
Keith Ryal
Keith Thompson WW2 Navy
Kelly Dixon Famous Songwriter Outback , Vestys History
Ken BlackTelegraphist. 1st white woman in Broken Hill. History of building the Overland Telegraph
Ken BoateBushy
Ken LambOn Buddha Belly and Hidden Orient.
Ken Downes Snowy River Canoeing
Ken Hargraves Hargraves' Nursery History
Ken Hartigan On Errol Flynn
Ken Sharp
Ken Sparks (Limbless Soldier) Attack on St Nazir Docks
Ken Stockdale Mt Isa History
Ken Wark
Ken and Alison Ogg
Kevin BurkeBush horse drawn grader, shunting trains
Kevin ClarkeBush history
Kevin ClarkeConvict / bushranger links
Kevin McFaddenCountry clerk
Kevin McMahon
Kevin SweeneySurvived four days at sea on a hatch cover after his ship blew up.
Kevin Hutchinson
Kevin Walker
Khan Omar Story: Tallest man in the world
Kim Male Broome Pearler
Kim Russell
Kitty Pantellitis
Kon MartynowPack horse surveyor
Kurt Johannsen
Kurt Johansen Outback Inventor
Larry Jacka Albert Jacka WWI VC
Larry Laitman Guru Shot by Mafia
Laura Kent107 year old who's grandmother nursed with Florence Nightingale
Laura Mould
Laurel Hull
Laurie Hession Riverstone History
Laurie Wilson"Laurence of Arcadia", Pioneer of big cranes in Australia
Leah ZevHistory of the Joffes and Jews in South Africa
Lee Moyes
Lee Perkins NT Patrol Padre
Leigh StewartStorekeeper and Adaminaby and big trout history
Leila KraucevsHistory of Hornsby Hospital
Leilam Kraucevs
Len Ashworth
Len Beadell
Len Jones Glenorie Quarry
Len Nordlund HMAS Hobart WW2
Len Reed
Leo Williams
Leon Rosenthal Jewish History
Lerryn MuttonDropped surrender not on Saudakan POW camp
Les Dixon Bluey and Curly
Les Dixon
Les Eals
Les Robertson
Les and Karen Spann
Lew Allen
Lieutenant-Colonel Don Woodland (OAM)
Lilian Stevenson AIM Nurse
Lily Constance
Lincon HallLeft for dead on Mt Everest
Linda KopatzAge 82. The Proveanies Band. The bombing in Dorsett. God directing ones life. Alcoholics Anonymous. How the 12 steps helps. Decline of America. Why Jesus helped the non Jews. Why Jews have been persecuted. The concept of Lucifer, Adam and Eve. The beginning of Christianity. The Trinity. The evidence for Christ the resurrection. Her relationship with Jesus, God. The Jet Propulsion Laboratory.
Lindsay BuckleyBullocky history and Tumut. Tall stories of Herb Buckley.
Lindsay DuftyGunner during the bombing of Darwin.
Lindy Chamberlain "A dingo took my baby!"
Lionel NoonanVietnam - the horror of Agent Orange
Lionel Bart
Lionel Deer
Lisa Samethini Japanese POW Comfort Lady Story
Lloyd "King Zooni" Stokes
Lloyd Whalan Oberon Pioneer
Lois Anderson
Lois and Jim Edwards Menzies
Lola WrightAge 85. Depression life in outback Qld. Living in tents with road gangs. Swaggies, The rigors of camp life. Teaching outback, travelling band, barmaiding, busking with plan according????. Life philosophy.
Lorna Mongoo
Lorna Ollif
Lorraine De Roode
Lorraine Ryan
Lorranie WhiteheadBob and Dolly Dwyer. Living near the zoo. Opening of Luna Park. Bea Miles.
Lou Rose Maccabi Games History
Louis Howell King's African Rifles
Lyall Gillespie Canberra Historian
Lynette Ramsay SilverThe History Detective on Sandukan
Lynne George
Mac McCullough Castle Hill History
Maddie McIntosh
Maggie Lillie Legendary Kimberley Elder
Mahomet Hoosan Afghan Cameleer
Maisey Young Legendary NT Publican
Major General Ian Campbell
Malcolm Douglas Kimberley Film Maker
Malcolm Watson Oberon
Mandy Wiltink
Mandy Wiltink
Manny Manolis Pearl Diver
Marcus Clarke Waterpipes
Margaret Kelly
Margaret O'Brien
Margery and Ron SmithTrekking in the Snowy
Marie PerrottFamily property 'Pinelea" in Yabba had been an important meeting place for Aborigines who had been wiped out and an old hut built on the sight had been a meeting place for swaggies, farmers and drifters.
Marie Burke
Marie Kenneally Great Aunt Nursing in Boer war
Marie Mahood NT Authoress
Marion Townsend On Katherine Flood
Marion Townsend Springvale Homestead, Tom Ronan
Mark MatuschkaKokoda track 39th battalion
Martin Imrie Balikpapan - Mountbatten - General Blamey
Mary CaucinoOn WWI pilot shooting at his own homing pigeons while his plane was sinking
Mary Barry
Mary Bentley
Mary Vella
Maurice PerrottAnsett history, WWII Calvary, Milne Bay shipwrecked and saved by homing pigeon.
Maurice Murray
Maurie Miller
Mavis StarnDiscovery of Jenolan Caves and Kingsford on AKAK guns and in plotting room under Macquarie St, Smith crashes in Oberon
Max Cartwright
Max Crammer Discoverer of Batavia
Max Franklin
Max Hanrahan Oberon History
Max Redshaw
Max Sharam
Max Soul
Max Steele WW2 History
Max Talbot
May Moore
Meredith Felkel
Merle and Fred Newman Chinchilla Fossils
Merton CookeAge 101. Driving a steam car (Stanley Steamer). The Shard Mason. Fire Brigade from 1935. Woolstore fires. Life Saving at Dee Why. Fatal shark attack. The London Fire Brigade during the Blitz. The Japanese midget sub attack. History of Communist Party. The tank stream. Jimmy Governor. Fire Brigade Union politics. The early terrorism in Australia. The Mary Riots.
Merv Blyth2/18th Battalion. Captured at the fall of Singapore. In Changi POW camp 3yr 8mths.
Michael HurstEnglish mechanics life in Australia to record for his 11 year old son
Michael McDermottThree tours of Vietnam.
Michael Bell Galston History
Michael Cameron
Mick HedgerDogger
Mick Baker Crocodile Hunter Boroloola
Mick Campbell Oldest Working Jackaroo
Mick Greene WW2
Mick Mad Barcaldine?
Mick O'Connell Oberon Farming
Mick Petith Glenorie Stonemason - 2003 Bushfires
Mick Russell
Mick Yensch NT Ruffian, Villain
Mike Day
Mike Gardner HMS Belfast WW2 - Home Guard
Mike Monteagle
Mike Towers
Mike Tyler
Millicent Thompson 100 Year Old for Calendar
Milton Golby
Molly Clarke
Mona Byrnes
Monty Cotton WW2 Fighter Pilot in Burma
Mort SuthernConvict history. Cootralandra history
Mrs Max Sharam Cowan, Origin of
Myrtle Barnes 100 Yr Old Cobar Pioneer &Afghans
Nana Rae StewartAboriginal Elder
Nancy SmithPennant Hills and diary
Nancy Bird-Walton Famous Aviatrix
Nancy Sedger Kenthurst History
Nancy Wake The White Mouse
Nat GouldBattle of Brittan. Straffing Japanese at Milne Bay. Air warfare in Russia.
Neene Pendergast
Neil Harris
Neil Marsden Voyager Disaster
Neil Williams Famous Singer
Nell Frohling100 Year Old for Calendar
Nell Frohling 100 Year Old for Calendar
Neville LockerAdaminaby Man from Snowy History - Yarns
Newton Williams
Nigel HodgeDroving in the Snowy Mountains
Nita McNee
Noel SweatmanNSW Fire Brigade
Noel Fullerton The Camel King
Noel Harvey Tortured by Japanese WW2
Noel Sanders 35 Bombing Missions over Germany
Noel Tully
Noel Wallace
Norm RowstonHorehound merchant, roo shooting and spear fishing alongside Eric Jolliff
Norm WindeattHMAS Tenacious. Kamikaze bombers. The Japanese surrender in Yokahama Bay. POW's. Fire Brigade from 1951. Blue Mountains bushfires.
Norm WoodhorseBuchan and brumby catching
Norm Darcy Mallapunya Station History
Norm Swift WW2 Spitfire Pilot Shot Down Battle of Bulge
Norma DeeganWWII nurse. Capt. of the Kormoran
Norman McGrath
Normie BuckleyFire Brigade
Obie Persouse
Ol' Bloomer Burrinji Old Aboriginal of Katherine
Old Ted Mitchell Aboriginal Elder, Rockhampton
Ormond Plunkett
Owen ScarlettGravedigger
Paddy KerriganWorking on the Snowy Mountains Scheme. The effects on residents of moving Adaminiby. Boat building in Rose Bay. Tourism on Lake Eucumbene.
Paddy Hogg
Pat Bootes
Pat Harvey
Pat Rehn
Pat Underwood NT Stockman Cattle Dynasty
Pat Vine
Pat and Dorothy O'DeaPoliceman and switchgirl
Patricia Blunt Longreach History?
Patrick DoddPR Man on the Snowy
Patti Pendergast
Paul Beaver
Paul Norris
Paula Stafford
Pauline HosieChannelling wisdom from Quan Yin and Lady Nada
Pauline HuchthausenOn meeting Hitler and living in tents on the Snowy River
Pete Fittock
Peter CochranPark Ranger
Peter Cocker
Peter JensonAge 93. Sunderland flying boats. Anti-submarine warfare in the Bay of Biscay. Attached three submarines on the surface, later shot down by six German fighter planes.
Peter Benson Pioneer Dental Hypnotist and on Gough Whitlam
Peter Brown
Peter Bryant
Peter Davis
Peter Flanagan
Peter Hollands Crocodile Hunter
Peter Lacy Kimberley Stockman
Peter Lawson
Peter Lesue
Peter O'Reilly Green Mountain
Peter Schultz
Peter Severin
Peter Shonk Policeman for 48 years
Peter Stathis
Peter Thompson
Phemie BoothFrom Isle of Tiree (population 800)
Phil BrownNSW Fire and Rescue
Phil ColmanNaturalist and Charles Darwin look-a-like
Phil Robinson
Phil Roos Boroloola Metho Drinker-Aboriginal Culture
Phlip Phillips CSIRO History
Phyllis ArmstrongOn Dick Armstrong WWII Japanese POW
Phyllis DowlingTumut history
Phyllis Church Berowra
Quentin Smith
Rabbi Brasch Judaism
Rainbow Casneaux Dghtr of Harold Casneaux Photographer
Ralph Underwood
Ram Chandra
Ranger Stacey Hogan Wildlife Ranger from TV
Ray Blissett "The Blizzard" - Police History
Ray Cunnynghame Oberon Storekeeper
Ray Smith
Ray and Judy Williamson
Reg Langdon WW2 Navy
Reg Stacey
Reg Thomas Bulldozer Driver/Galston History
Reg Watt
Reg Weston Donkey Teamster of the Kimberleys, Prospector
Rev Fred McKay Flying Doctor
Rev. Dick UdyWWII catalings, dropping mines in Japanese harbours
Rex Mitchell
Rhonda Hall Animals All - Arcadia history
Richard WallaceMayor. Bushy humour
Richard Bennett Sydney To Hobart Yact Race Photographer
Richard Hallon Steam trains
Richard Neville HarmonThe importance of nice parents. The significance of a child's name, women's names. Ship building on Cockatoo Island. The importance of dancing to women. Five great men who danced till they died.
Richard Shields On Hornsby Park
Richard Wigglesworth
Richie SouthwellSeed merchant
Ringer Edwards Crucified by Japanese
Rita Wroe
Rob Haldane
Robert LovettFamous artist on the Snowy
Robert StephensThe Fairbridge Orphanage Scheme
Robert Trythal
Robert Ulmann
Rod CooperLa Perouse history
Rod MasonAboriginal elder of the Snowy Mountains
Rod Emmerson Rockhampton's popular cartoonist
Rodney Fox
Roger Bucholtz
Roger Roderick 95 World War 2 History
Roly KinnearKorean war
Roma Blair Yoga - WW2 Japanese POW
Ron FergusonThe Cowra breakout in detail. Relationship with Japanese suicide survivor. Japanese soldiers letters quoted. Guarding Japanese prisoners at Lae Hospital. Executing Japanese war criminals.
Ron FlanaganDrover, Shepard in the high country
Ron HammondKorean war vet
Ron McCrystalAge 90. Depression life if Fortitude Valley. History of the Corvettes. Nearly sunk in the Solomon's. Last to see the Centaur Hospital Ship Milne Bay. Weewak, Korea.
Ron MorassoNSW Fire and Rescue. Significance of "The Senior Man" rank. ICI plant explosion. The Caltex Refinery Petrol Tank rupture where Ron won bravery award.
Ron MyerAge 95. Battle of El Aleman
Ron Burge
Ron George Outback Trucky
Ron Gibson
Ron Hilton WW2
Ron Jones Allegro Column History
Ron Laughton Laughtondale History
Ron Ramsey
Ron Simpkins Train Driver
Ron Wddell Galston Fruitgrower
Ron Wheatley CIB Shadow Squad
Ron and Valerie Taylor
Rose Golby
Rose Coppock
Rosemary TadzikBombing of Children's hospital in London
Rosemary Thomson
Ross VickeryOld bushy and tanner
Ross Dickson Qld Police Corruption
Ross Mangano Leg Blown Off in Vietnam
Rowland Tarling Interrogating German Prisoners WW2
Roy ArmstrongLiving 6 years in Oberon Hospital from severe ancalosing??? spondylitis
Roy HedgerDogger. Kokoda track, shot five times
Roy Mannaway
Roy Spicer
Roy Walker Last of the Packhorse Ringer
Roy Wright Famous Kakadu Poacher
Rudi Steffal On Berowra
Rus DavisAge 98
Russel Shawmarsh
Russell Murray
Sally Tonkin
Salty Reid Aboriginal Culture
Sammy FinocchiaroPackhorse chainman
Sandra Nagel
Sasha Nekvapil
Scott BeersNSW Fire and Rescue
Scott Beson US Marine in Vietnam
Selwyn SchaeferFox and dingo hunging. Bushy
Shane BradfordNSW Fire Brigade
Shiela Shannley
Sid Hawk Ancient Mariner
Sid Hawks
Sidney CheesemanAge 78. History of "Boy Soldiers" and his tour of Vietnam (insight into war psychosis)
Sir Edmund HillaryFirst man to climb Mount Everest
Sir Mark Oliphant Reluctant Builder of the Atom Bomb
Sireene Gould (OAM)Age 96. Pioneer of the Spastic Centre. The Miss Australia quest. Tania Verstak. Liberal Party ie Joe Hockey and Brendon Nelson.
Sister Marie Slattery Oberon
Smoky Dawson Country Music Legend
Smoky and Dot Dawson
Snow Devaney Glanhaven History
Snowy Butcher Survivor of Aboriginal Massacre
Snowy County Broome Pearler
Sparkle Fairy
Stan Grunsell90 year old fireman. Buckingham's fire and The Shell Refinery Whare fire. Working with Japanese POWs in Lae and Rabaul.
Stan Gratte Outback Explorer
Stan Howard
Stan Lennon
Stan Vivian 100 Yr Old Saddler & Motor Trimmer
Stanley Mather 100 Year Old on Bonds - Textile Industry
Steele Davis
Stella and Ted Cranfield Oberon
Stephanie Druk Warsaw Ghetto Survivor
Stephen "Bamba" Albert Broome Elder, Entertainer
Stephen Nunn
Steve HirstThe man who found Stuart Diver at Threadbo landslide
Steve WilliamsonTrout guiding history
Steve Davis
Steve Warren
Steven McCuddenMilne Bay Cypher Unit
Stew Skoglund Bikini Atoll Bomb Witness, Korea, Heli Pioneer
Stewart BonettVietnam air force
Stuart WarthThe only Warth in the RAAF in WWII. Meaning of the name Warth.
Stuart Bailey
Sue Perry
Sue and Pat Edmonson
Susie Bedford Exmouth Marine Biologist
Sybil Harrison
Syd KeithAustralian Water Transport WWII. 13th Small Ships Co.
Sydney Anstee Grays Point History, The Wreck of the Malabar, The Greycliff/Tahiti Disaster
Sylvia ThornhillOn who made the ropes for Edmund Hillary
Tacko SmithKnocked over by the Atom Bomb
Tasha Bonsignore Flower Power
Ted BlameyAge 69. Detailed history on his grandfather General Sir Thomas Blamey.
Ted TaylorNSW Fire Brigade
Ted ThompsonFire Brigade from 1962. Rugby Union. Police Boys boxing. Western District Joggers. City to Surf. 000 Fun Run. Parramatta and Cronulla. Fitness trainer. Shell Oil Refinery fire. Waterfall train disaster.
Ted Bell Limbless Soldier WW2
Ted Buckingham on Tumut
Ted Egan
Ted Matthews The Last ANZAC
Ted Nance US Colonel - Spy - Atom Bomb
Ted Richards Oberon
Ted Smout WW1 Age 103
Terrance Hawken
Terri Maginnis
Terry Baldwin Kakadu Buffalo Hunter
Terry Barnes Australia's Top Bird of Prey Handler
Terry Hickman
Terry and Joyce Bartlett Berowra History
Tex Moor Outback Drover Cattleman, Bushy
Thelma Young World Champion Pea-Picker
Tim Bristow Gangster
Tim Hargreaves
Tina HackerSpy during WWII
Tiny Swanson Heaviest Man in NT by Pearl Ogden
Tiny Tom Lockie Wrestler Barcaldine?
Tom Barry
Tom Barry
Tom CooperNSW Fire Brigade
Tom FreceHydrographer
Tom HollisLanding at Layuan. Forward scouting. Japanese atrocities. Occupation of Japan. Witness at Hiroshima. Bea Miles. Korean war. Taken prisoner. Death march! (atrocities). Prisoner at Bean Camp. A slave at mass graves (graphic).
Tom KnoxAge 84. The Stirling Bomber. Dropping mines in German ports. The V1 rockets. Opening of the Bomber Command Memorial.
Tom LewisMinister for Lands during the Snowy and founding the National Parks
Tom TurnbullSaddler
Tom Col
Tom Epps World War 1 Veteran
Tom Garrett
Tom Kopp
Tom Kruse
Tom Mudie 91 Yr Old Broken Hill Paper Boy
Tom O'Connell Oberon Pioneer of Trucking
Tom Wicking
Tommy TomasiItalian partisan POW torture (graphic)
Tommy Turtle Funny Outback Plant Operator/Womaniser
Tony Braithwaite
Tony Chadd Hornsby and Cec Newland
Tony Gordon-Smith
Tony Toohey Toohey's Breweries
Toy Lilly Ah NT Chinese Storekeeper
Trevor Richter
Trivia Titanic
Trixie Clugson95 year old classic Snowy Mountains
Tsu Rathbone
Ula RankinCountry classic, old sayings
Val Francis
Val Lhuede History of Yarranderie
Vance Russell
Vaughan PendagastOil tanker driver
Vera Bree 100 Year Old for Calendar
Vern O'Brien Pioneer NT Surveyor and Historian
Vic Ebberton Oberon
Vic Roberts
Victor CrumAt 100 (and 102). Horse drawn days in the NSW Fire Brigade
Victorie Sister Witnessed Arthur Stace writing "Eternity"
Viktoras SliterisOn Lithuania and the part played by Jews. The story of his father's death as a partisan and the monument Viktoras built.
Vince O'Reilly O'Reilly's Guesthouse
Vince Serventy Naturalist
Vincent Archbold Bombing of Newcastle
Vivian Bullwinkle Survivor of Banka Island Massacre
Von Ryan
Wally MillsElec Engineer on the Snowy
Wally Christie Pioneer Peanut Farmer, Inventor
Wally Wassermann
Wally Wombat WW2 Spy captured at Bondi signalling Japanese submarine
Walter Lyall HowardPM John Howards brother recounting how their father and grandfather met on the battlefield in WWII.
Warren and Barbara Weggert
Warwick "Buck" RogersNSW Fire and Rescue
Wayne BuxtonNSW Fire Brigade
Wendy Thomson Pioneer NT Safaris
Wes Shearer
Willem MeijerIn German work camp same time as Ann Frank. Killed three men who were raping his sister. Met Hitler when in the scouts.
Willy Kempen Boer War & Sth African History
Wilma TownsendAge 85. Ryde history. Squire, Turtle, Franks, Vebel families. Concord RG Hospital as physiotherapist. Sir Henry Parkes. James Squire Farnelt 1st Premier. James Squire the brewer. First Fleet history. Why the families from the 1st fleet weren't recorded like McCarthur and Marsden. Snobbery in Ryde. The Artificial Limb factory and Sir Roden Cutler. Loch Townsend's war history. Why colour television was brought in. The Queen's visit and the filming of it. Queen's visit to Concord Hospital. The Blax
Wilma Oram WW2 POW Nurse
Winnie Budburry
"Wobbly Bob" Watt
Yeshe DorjeBerkley USA history. Free speech movement, anti-Vietnam rallies, hippy, disabled rights, healing, volunteer caring. Poem about unconditional love.
Yvonne Gorman Oberon History
Yvonne Roberts
Yvonne Treven Kingsford Smith