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Caricature of Mick Joffe

Mick Joffe is one of Australia's leading caricaturists and has draw professionally in 24 countries. Mick has drawn more than 20,000 Australians and has published four books on Australian characters. He has been awarded an honorary Masters Degree from the University of NSW for his work, was Citizen of the Year for Hornsby Shire in 1997 and recently has been granted a fellowship in the Australian Institute of History and Art.

“Mick is one of the enduring Australian characters...
I believe in the man and his work.”
- Alan Jones

Mick has interviewed over 1500 Australian characters, each accompanied by their own caricature. As of today most of these interviews exist only in the ink and paper that they were originally scribbled down with. In due time, Mick hopes to get all of his life’s work typed up for everyone to access on the web; so far 23 characters have been uploaded.

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