Living Relics of Australia

Living relics contains 25 of our greatest living characters. This coffee table hard-cover book combines the very Australian art of caricature with oral history - the history of drovers, shearers, naturalists, miners, artists, explorers, etc. Their caricature captures them on the outside and their own words capture them on the inside.


  • Ted Matthews - The Last Anzac (read online)
  • Ann Randell - Remembers the Emden
  • Lewis Howell - of the Kings African Rifles
  • Colleen Clifford - Grande Dame of Show Business
  • Sir Mark Oliphant - Reluctant Builder of the Atom Bomb (read online)
  • Jack Lockett - Australia's Oldest Man
  • Kathleen Lenthall - Remembers Federation
  • Harold Fletcher - Antarctic Days with Mawson
  • Frank Maynard - Remembers Rescuing Titanic Survivors
  • Eileen Fitzer - Northern Territory's Oldes Pioneer
  • Reverend Fred McKay - In the Footsteps of John Flynn
  • Nancy Bird - Our Pioneer Aviatrix
  • Bob McMillan - Designer of the War Memorial
  • Ron and Valerie Taylor - Undersea Adventurers
  • Gordon Andrews - Designer of our Currency
  • Sid Hawks - The Ancient Mariner
  • Fred Costello - Speared by Aborigines (read online)
  • Sister Bullwinkel - Survivor of the Banka Island Massacre
  • Reg Weston - Donkey Teamster of the Kimberleys
  • Smoky Dawson and Dot - Country and Western Legend
  • Nancy Wake - The White Mouse (read online)
  • Bill Harney - Aboriginal Elder and Storyteller
  • Vince and Carol Serventy - Great Australian Naturalists
  • Ringer Edwards - Crucified by the Japanese